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It's Episode 44 with Dominic Wilcox, Artist, Designer and Inventor!

Learn more about Dominic's work and career so far - you'll find this insightful and funny, if you've ever wondered how GPS Shoes got invented...now you'll know!

His work has been shown at Galleries across the World, and he's appeared on The Late Show in the USA.

Such an interesting guest - you can find out more about Dominic here

He's also on Twitter!

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In this episode we talk with Russell Quirk, Co-Founder of Properganda PR - who discusses his thoughts on the property market, and talks about his career within the property industry.

He speaks with clarity and purpose.

Sit back, grab a coffee or tea, it'll be 20 minutes you won't forget in a hurry!

You can find out more about Russell and Properganda PR here

In addition you can follow Russell personally on Twitter


If you'd like to nominate a future guest, contact us here!

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It's Episode 42 of The LM Experience!

We're talking with Mark and Joe Stallard of HHH Mortgages - a true family mortgage business!

They talk about their respective careers, what they see as the future for mortgage brokers, and how succession planning can work.

You can find out more about Mark and Joe's business at www.hhhmortgages.com

For more information about our podcast, please see us on Twitter - @TheLMExperience

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Here it is...the one you've been waiting for!

Martin and Stuart interview Andrew Sentance, an Independent Business Economist, formerly with PwC, British Airways, and a former Member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC).

Hear his thoughts about his career, the Bank of England in the past and now, the 2008 Financial Crisis, Brexit (yes we went there), and his favourite Albums!

You can follow Andrew on Twitter - @asentance

If you'd like to appear on a future episode, contact us via Twitter - @TheLMExperience

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Welcome to Episode 40......

In this episode we meet up with Phil Leivesley of Monica Bradley Associates - www.mbassociates.net - where he tells us more about his career, including a 'Shanghai Surprise' - and his views on the mortgage market at present.

You can follow Phil on Twitter - @pleives

If you would like to appear on a future episode..let us know! 

You can contact us via our Twitter account - @TheLMExperience


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It's episode 39 - with Robin Purdie of the Borders Mortgage Hub!

Robin tells us about his career, the Scottish Mortgage Market and the housebuying process - we've even introduced 'conclude my missives' into business dialogue!

You can follow Robin Purdie on Twitter - @RobinPurdie77 - and find out more about the Borders Mortgage Hub - www.bordersmortgagehub.com

If you'd like to appear as a guest on a future show - please contact us via Twitter - @TheLMExperience

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It's Episode 38 of the LM Experience!

In this edition, we're talking with James McGregor of Mesa Financial - who tells us about his career including a spell in Hong Kong, how Mesa Financial came into existence and his thoughts on life as a Broker and Business Owner.

It's engaging - sit back with a coffee (or beverage of your choosing) and enjoy!

You can follow James on Twitter - @Mesa_Financial

If you'd like to appear as a Guest, or know someone who would, contact us on Twitter - @TheLMExperience

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Episode 37 of The LM Experience is here with Jamie Pritchard, Head of Sales at Precise Mortgages!

Jamie chats to us about his career, how Precise can assist brokers and a wider view of the mortgage market.

There's also an interesting insight into the best Motorway Service Stations - don't ever say our Podcasts aren't different!

You'll find this insightful chat useful, please share your feedback with us via our Twitter feed, which is @TheLMExperience

For more information about Precise Mortgages, please visit www.precisemortgages.co.uk

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Episode 36 of The LM Experience features Nick Daynes of Prospect Tree Mortgages - who tells us more about his business, his career and his thoughts on the mortgage industry.

You can follow Nick's company on Twitter - @Prospect_Tree

If you'd like to appear on the show, contact us at our Twitter account - @TheLMExperience

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It's Episode 35 with Neal Jannels of One Mortgage System (OMS) - he tells us more how the use of OMS can aid clients, brokers and lenders in this competitive market.

Find out more - www.twitter.com/OneMortgageSys

Don't forget you can nominate future guests - including yourself - via our Twitter feed - www.twitter.com/TheLMExperience

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